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  1. Everyday Expenses & Large Purchases: Use your new credit card for your regular expenses like groceries, gas, bills, and online purchases. Don’t forget your vacations and home improvement projects.
  2. Pay Bills: Pay your monthly bills, such as utilities, insurance, rent, and cell phone bills.
  3. Dining Out: Use your credit card when dining out at restaurants or ordering takeout. If going out in a group, offer to pay the bill and have them pay you back.
  4. Pay for Family and Friends: Ask them if they have any upcoming big purchases you could pay for and have them reimburse you in cash or through other means.
  5. Auto-Pay Subscriptions: If you have any subscription services, such as streaming services or gym memberships, update your payment method to your new credit card.
  6. Prepay Expenses: Some bills, like insurance premiums, property taxes, or cell phone bills, and donations can often be paid in advance.
  7. Business Expenses: If you have a small business use your credit card for business-related expenses.
  8. Pay Taxes: Depending on your local tax laws, you may be able to pay your income taxes or property taxes with your credit card. Be aware of any associated fees or potential interest charges.
  9. Add an Authorized User:  Just ensure that the user is not someone that will also want to apply for the card for themselves.